Modesty Panels

Perforated Metal Modesty Panels
Model: MMP1865PERF-SI
65”W x 18”H to fit 72” wide Workstations

Model: MMP1853PERF-SI
53”W x 18”H to fit 60” wide Workstations L

Acrylic Modesty Screen
PLTAP1524S 24”W x 15”H
PLTAP1530S 30”W x 15”H
PLTAP1536S 36”W x 15”H
PLTAP1542S 42”W x 15”H
PLTAP1548S 48”W x 15”H
PLTAP1554S 54”W x 15”H
PLTAP1566S 66”W x 15”H

SKU: MMP1865, MMP1853, 1524S, 1530S, 1536S, 1542S, 1548S, 1554S, 1566S
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